C1 Name of the League


The name of our Association of Table Tennis Clubs is 'The Glossop and District Table Tennis League'. It is affiliated to the English Table Tennis Association (E.T.T.A.), and the Cheshire Table Tennis Association (C.T.T.A.). Its objective is to provide a competitive environment in which to play table tennis in Glossop and surrounding areas.


C2 Membership of the League


Membership will be open to anyone, irrespective of age, who wishes to play competitive table tennis as a member of a team within the League. Each member of the League will need to be affiliated to a team, and each team will appoint a secretary through whom communications from the League to members will be effected. In the event of a membership enquiry from an individual having no current connection with any existing team, the League will make every effort to find a team to which that individual might be affiliated.


C3 Expulsion of members


Any member of the League whose conduct is considered inappropriate, or who declines to abide by the Constitution and Rules of the League, may be expelled, or suspended, by a resolution passed at a meeting of the Executive Committee. Any fees already paid by that member may be declared forfeit. Any member informed of their expulsion or suspension will have the right to appeal, in person, to the Executive Committee, provided that notice of their appeal is submitted, in writing to the General Secretary of the League. This must be done within seven days following receipt of notification of the Committee's decision.



C4 Management of the League


a. An Executive Committee will run the affairs of the League, and will consist of Chairman, Vice Chairman, General Secretary, Treasurer, Match Secretary, and any such other Officers or members as are thought to be necessary. The Committee will be elected annually, at the Annual General Meeting, by and from the members of the League.


b. All members of the Executive Committee are elected for a period of one year, but may be re-elected the following year. In the case of Officers, the re-election may be to the same or different office. However, no person may hold the position of League Chairman for a continuous period of more than three years.


c. Should the Executive Committee feel it necessary, one or more members of the

League may be co-opted to work with the Committee. A co-opted member will not be entitled to vote on the Committee.


d. The quorum for an Executive Committee meeting will be three elected members and must include at least one Officer of the League.


e. Any matter that needs to be dealt with by the Executive Committee must be addressed, either verbally or in writing, to the League's General Secretary or, in his/her absence, to the League Chairman.


f. The Executive Committee will deal with any questions concerning the interpretation of the League's Constitution and Rules, or any matter not provided for therein, and its decision will be final.



C5 League Accounts/Finances


The League will, through its Treasurer, keep accurate accounts of its finances, and such accounts will be available for inspection by League members. Prior to each Annual General Meeting, the accounts will be audited by a person co-opted for that purpose at the previous year's Annual General Meeting. Payments/withdrawals from the League's bank account will require two signatories from the Executive Committee currently the Treasurer and Vice Chairman.


C6 Meetings


a. Executive Committee Meetings will be convened as necessary. At such a meeting, any business requiring a vote will be decided on a simple majority. In the case of equal votes, the Chairman or an appointed Deputy will be entitled to an additional casting vote. Non-attendance at three consecutive meetings will be considered a resignation from the Executive Committee. Team Secretaries will be advised of such meetings and they, or their representative, will be invited to attend at the end of the meeting at which time they can be briefed on matters that have been discussed.


b. An Annual General Meeting, open to all members, will be held not later than the end of July each year. The business of the meeting will be to confirm the minutes of the previous Annual General Meeting; to receive from the Treasurer the audited accounts for the year; to receive annual reports from elected Officers; to elect the Executive Committee for the forthcoming year; to appoint an auditor; to review team subscription rates and membership issues; to vote on any proposed changes to the Constitution or Rules of the League; and to transact any other relevant business.


Details of any proposed rule changes, Committee nominations, or other business needing to be put to a vote at the Annual General Meeting must have been received, in writing, by the General Secretary for discussion at the pre-A.G.M. Executive

Committee Meeting which will take place at least two weeks prior to the Annual General Meeting. Team Secretaries will be notified of the dates of these meetings, and at least 21 days notice will be given in writing.


c. Extraordinary General Meetings may be called when necessary, in which case 14 days notice in writing will be given to all Committee members and Team Secretaries.


d. The quorum for an Annual General Meeting, or Extraordinary General Meeting, will be 8 League members plus two from the Chairman, Vice Chairman, General Secretary or Treasurer. The Chair at these meetings will be taken by the Chairman, or by a Deputy appointed by the League.


e. Each League member attending an Annual General Meeting, or Extraordinary General Meeting is entitled to one vote unless the team they represent has more than three members present, in which case that team will be allowed a maximum of three votes per proposal. Matters requiring a vote at an Annual General Meeting, or Extraordinary General Meeting, will be decided on a simple majority of votes from those members attending. In the event of equal votes, the Chairman or appointed Deputy will be entitled to an additional casting vote.


f. Any team not represented at an Annual General Meeting, or Extraordinary General Meeting, will be liable to a fine [see Rules : Section R5].


C7 Alterations to the League's Constitution and Rules


Any proposed alterations to the Constitution and Rules can only be considered at an Annual General Meeting, or Extraordinary General Meeting, convened with the required written notice. Any such proposals must be circulated to all Team Secretaries not less than seven days before the meeting.


C8 Dissolution of the League


If, at any General Meeting of the League, a resolution is passed calling for the dissolution of the League, the General Secretary will immediately convene an Extraordinary General Meeting, to be held not less than one month from the passing of that resolution, at which the matter will be discussed and voted upon.


If, at that Extraordinary General Meeting, the resolution to dissolve the League is carried by at least two thirds of the members present, the Committee will immediately, or at some future date specified in the resolution, proceed to realise the assets of the League, and to discharge all its debts and liabilities.


Any monetary assets or material goods remaining after the discharge of debts and liabilities will not be paid to or distributed among the members of League, but will be granted to a voluntary group which has similar objectives to those of the Glossop and District Table Tennis League.